Nessa Devil

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alias: Nikola Jiraskova, Nesa Devil

profession: Porn Star

country: Czech Republic

ethnicity: Caucasian

color eye: Brown

color hair: Brown

height: 173

weight: 48

breast: 86

cup size: G

shoe size: 7

piercings: Have piercings

waist: 60

hip: 86

extra: Favorites
Color Pink, Black, White
Goodies Nugat Ragusa
Drink Moet, 5star Metaxa
Music Hip Hop and R
Perfume Chopard
Fashion Style Sexy, Elegant
Fashion Brand Guess, Playboy, Dior, Louis Vuitton
Jewellery Swarovski
Flowers Roses
Sexual Activities: Solo, Lesbo, Boy/Girl, Anal, Piss, Party, B/G stuff (with boyfriend only)
Sexual Specialty: Anal

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